Drop Jordy for Robert Woods? Quick!

Would you do this in a PPR league that is a re-draft?

Absolutely, I dropped Jordy a few weeks ago.

Is that a biased answer Isaac?? Lol jk I’d still roll Jordy.

There goes my first round pick :frowning: Ill be alright.

I have:
Robert Woods
Brandon Cooks
Michael Crabtree
Devin Funchess

It will be hard to find a starter.

Dope options

It is so frightening to do… I Think I’ll drop him live for Agholor

WOW, you’re set up pretty good @ WR for ROS. Woods, Cooks, and Funchess all have pretty decent playoff schedules. Plus, they’ve been saying for over a week now on the podcast to try to get Crabtree. He’s probably your best option ROS.

I know… Only tough thing is I can only choose three haha.

At RB I have:
Duke Johnson
Carlos Hyde
Doug Martin
Jamaal Williams
Danny Woodhead

Would you try to trade for a top 10 RB or ride it out with that I have? I should win out with that I have but the first place team has bell and zeke for playoffs…

I def. would try to get another RB. You might be able to trade away Martin and one of your lower-end receivers for Ajayi or another RB that has a good playoff schedule.