Drop jordy

Is marquise lee a good pick up for dropping jordy Nelson. Jordy is such a good player so I don’t want to drop him but he’s not going to do anything for the rest of the season

try to trade him for someone with more value than Lee, maybe a WR on a team with a offense that will pass and they will see lots of targets. I would consider holding onto Nelson if your WR group is solid. Hundley can throw it deep, just I think Mike McCarthy and company have been trying to build his confidence. GB is going to be behind for the ROS, they will need to throw to stay in games, their WR could become garbage time gold.

Having same issue! I have Zeke and - bracing myself for coming suspension - want to add Darkwa for RB depth. Jordy is drop target #1. Seems crazy to drop Jordy for Darkwa, but, I just have no faith in him ROS. Is that crazy?

I’m holding onto Jordy and Fuller. If Arod comes back last game that could be gold. Also if he starts connecting with Hudley you could have yourself a Target a machine.

As for Fuller if Hops he’s injured Fuller becomes the Target machine.

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I would trade for Marquise Lee. The only value Jordy carries is his name

He’s not coming back