Drop Justice Hill for.......?

Drop Hill for the following…?


I have Brieda and White on Bench; need a little more depth

Wouldn’t drop for any of them. All of them have a similar role as the 2nd or 3rd back as Hill, Hill has the higher upside in my opinion.


Even more than Sproles? I think he will phase out Howard faster than Hill phasing out Gus; Harbaugh likes to utilize Gus Bus.

Sproles is what he is. He will catch some passes and will have some games with 10+ fantasy points, but on average going to get you between like 4-8 points. He’s also getting older so I don’t think his role will be as large as the last few year, especially with Miles Sanders who as the year goes will get more and more work probably.

Good point. Someone in my league is offering Justin Jackson and Courtlan Sutton for AB; I’d have to give him Hill to fill his spot. What do you think with that trade? AB is so hard to trust anymore. Thought he’d be in the clear going to Patriots but of course this new accusation might be nothing. Hold onto AB?

I’d wait. You might get burned, but Justin Jackson isn’t someone you are going to play and I am sure you have receivers that are as good if not better than Sutton. Unless you have to have one of those players now I would pass, that seems like a lowball offer.

Thats my gut feeling as well. Thanks for ensuring my decision :).

So now he is thinking of David Montgomery instead of Justin Jackson. Thoughts with that?

Much better because Montgomery’s upside is so much higher than Jackson. Still a bit risky because we don’t know what Montgomery’s usage will be, but it’s definitely much more doable. If you think AB is still going to play a majority of the season (all a guess right now) then I think you hold onto him. If you think hes going to miss a large portion, or you just don’t want to take the chance I would say make that trade.

Is Dede a better candidate than Sutton? Im thinking about counter offering,