Drop Justice Hill to Pick Up Darwing Williams?

Any thoughts on KC running backs D. Williams or D. Williams and dropping Justice Hill? M. Hardman is still available on WW as well but I am okay at WR. Should I be patient with Hill and wait for him to contribute or roll the dice and drop him for one of the KC RB’s? Waive pickups are $5 per transaction. My roster is below. All opinions welcome…

In a 12-team PPR league. My roster is:
QB: K. Murray, A. Dalton
RB: D. Cook, D. Montgomery, T. Coleman, A. Mattison, J. Hill
WR: OBJ, T. Lockett, T. Boyd, C. Sutton, T. McLaurin

I personally want to wait on hill and see how this week pans out. Hill could be more involved this week if bal falls behind and needs to pass alot

Thanks Dustin. I was thinking the same thing… especially at $5 a WW pickup. Appreciate the response.

No problem. And I feel ya on $5 a claim definitely adds a little more strategy to your add/drops. I personally dont wanna make the same mistake I did Kamara’s rookie season only I traded him away after week 3 :man_facepalming:and week 4 he exploded