Drop Keelan Cole for

0.5 pt PPR. Would you drop Keelan Cole for KeKe Coutee, Duke Johnson, Robert Turben, Jordan Wilkens?

I’m riding DJ, Collins, & Howard as my backs and I need to try to find some juice on the waiver at RB.

Probably not. But If you have WR depth and really want to add an RB for fear they will be stashed by someone else, then I think it’s fine to drop Cole.

Have you looked at Mike Davis yet? Otherwise, I’d pick up Duke or Chubb and just sit on it until something happens, but that may be several weeks. Or it could be this Sunday if Hyde sucks or gets hurt. I think Mike Davis is a better idea than either of those two for now.

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I’m doing another week of Cole before i drop him for a seemingly lesser option. I woudl have dropped him for Boyd this week but Boyd got snatched up, i’m mad i didn’t last week but i had faith in cole still.

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Mike Davis was picked up. I am pretty good at WR, but it’s mostly a hodge podge group of guys (Enunwa, Brown, Marvin Jones, AJ Green and Baldwin). I’m just going to hold on Cole and see how this week goes. Not sure Duke is worth dropping him.

I also own Penny and I’m salty so I wasn’t even considering Davis lol.

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