Drop Keke for Hollywood?

Or do you suspect Hollywood was a one-week wonder?

Was also considering J. Ross 3rd, but I think Hollywood has more upside, plus AJ should be back soon and then Ross won’t be worth that much. I can see both sides of holding on to Keke, leaning towards letting him go for now. Trying to think in terms of the season and not just the week. League is 12-team full PPR.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

If it helps, my other WRs are Julio, Godwin, Mike Williams and C. Samuel.

Yes I would keke isnt healthy and we dont know about that mike williams injury…you may need to just for healthy players…I think browns upside is massive and much higher then kekes. Thats what you want from a 3/4 receiver the upside factor.

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Thanks, I hadn’t given Williams’s injury a thought since all reports have said he looked fine, but until it’s officially checked out I guess you never know.

Anyone else?