Drop Kerryon for a kicker?

So I didn’t draft a kicker and will soon have to pick one up and need to know who to drop. I have two options in Kerryon Johnson or Sammy Watkins.

Here is my roster and league setup. I had a ton of picks which my 2017 season died for.

QB: Matt Stafford, Alex Smith and Blake Bortles
RB: David Johnson, Melvin Gordon, Devonta Freeman, Mark Ingram, Joe Mixon, Kerryon Johnson
WR: Odell Beckham Jr, Devante Adams, Doug Baldwin, Marvin Jones, Sammy Watkins
TE: Zach Ertz
DST: Vikings

Drop Kerryon since I have RB’s and may need wide out depth or hope Baldwin is good and drop Watkins?

if i am reading that right you play 1 RB and 3 WRs…so that is a no brainer… drop Kerryon…and it appears if he is going to break it will not be for awhile AND you never know about Sammy he could break day one…

or is your flex RB option too…if so I would still do the same as you are stacked at RB…if it were me I would offer a trade in some type of package…probably kerryon value will never be higher

I can play 3 wr if I want but those 2 spots are Flex spots. My bad. I drafted Kerryon in the last round albeit the draft was a couple weeks ago.

tough both could do something both could bust…but I would bet on the KC coach knowing what he is doing and bet on Sammy…the Lions coach already having trouble AND may not have a clue

Drop Kerryon. You’re not starting him in your league format. Your RBs are also super stacked.

Don’t drop him what I would do is do a two for one and give someone a receiver and kerryon to upgrade at receiver and it will open a spot for a kicker

A two for one deal is ALWAYS better than a drop when your team is that stacked so look around the trade market before you do anything

Yeah ofc if you can do a 2 for 1, go for it.

But if you don’t manage to get anything done, then I would drop Kerryon over Watkins.

Agreed. I would offer Sammy and Kerryon to someone for a receiver.

thanks, ill look into a trade. Still have a week to do so.

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I have to drop a player for a kicker as well. Full point PPR.

My bench is Josh Gordon, Cooper Cupp, Jamaal Williams, Keelan Cole, Duke Johnson, Kelvin Benjamin, and Patrick Mahomes.

a 2 for 1 trade upgrade at a position would be good, and if you can’t do that see if someone who is hurting at RB is willing to trade a top tier kicker for Johnson. If your team is this stacked someone out there needs a RB badly

Please do not trade Kerryon for a “top tier kicker”. You will be mocked until your dying day, and your children and your children’s children will have to live with the shame of being descended from the kicker trader.

Either this is a 6 team league or there are teams out there hurting at rb. Sell Mixon+Smith or Bortles and upgrade your qb situation.

It’s a 10 team league and since its 2 qb no one will budge on those. I have no bites on the Watkins+Johnson for a wr trade either. I had a ton of picks this year because of the trades I made last year after I was mathematically eliminated. I finished around the middle in scoring but had the most points against me. One of those years.

Drop Bortles unless its a 2 QB league