Drop Kerryon for AP?

What do you guys think? Is he worth picking up and dropping Kerryon Johnson?

.5PPR League

I wouldn’t, what’s the roster looking like?

Also do you think I’m starting the right guys on my team or I should I swap anyone with a bench guy? @Doug_Clegane

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AP is going to be exactly what AP was last year. Explode out the gate, have a monster game, then give you one more game above 6 points ROS. Don’t be an idiot. Stick with the potential league winner in Kerryon. Also, you’r team is stack AF, no idea how you got all those players. Must be like a 6 man league or something.

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I play in a 8 team league, AJ and Evans fell in the draft so I took them both back to back in the 4th and 5th. I also went QB super late while everyone took one early, your words give me confidence though! :grin: @MikeMeUpp

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Makes sense. Word of advice, I’d start cooper over Evans. Lattimore is going to dust Evans.

That’s what my main concern is. You think Amari will have an easier time against Talib or Peters? Or maybe get some garbage time points?

Doesn’t really matter. They going to run him out of the slot. Peters doesn’t play slot at all so Talib may move over to cover a bit, but honestly, there’s only 6 teams in the NFL that do true shadow coverage, rams isn’t one of them. Cooper is the main target, that team is goign to be down a crapload and Carr gonna toss the rock like 40 times. Cooper will eat.

Sounds good, what are your thoughts on Evans? Think he’ll have an up year or will have another down year?

Not high on Evans. With Godwin joining rotation as a possession receiver, find it hard to Evans to get the volume he needs to be a top flight guy.