Drop Kerryon for Carlos Hyde

Someone dropped hyde. Only person I can drop for him is Kerryon. Hyde is number 1 on depth chart. Kerryon is a slow build behind LeGarrette Blount and Riddick.
Need some assurance!

Who else do you have at RB?

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I would, yes

In a vacuum its a yes, i mean starting running backs should not be on waivers/free agents in any league really

What’s the rest of your team look like? Gotta have a WR to drop over Kerryon. Or a second TE/QB. I would definitely pick up Hyde but drop a WR. I think it’s a lot easier to upgrade off the waiver wire at WR then it is to find a RB.

@Mjoseph86 @James89

I have a 4 rb roster limit. So if I pick up Hyde I can only drop a RB.

I put in the waiver request. Hope to get him tomorrow am. Thanks guys

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My 4 rb as of now are: Gurley, mixon, dion Lewis & Kerryon

Hope it’s redraft… I like the idea of holding Kerryon, but Hyde is getting the lion’s share and is the outright #1 back. Now Blount got injured and I don’t know the extent but I fully expect the lions to start utilizing Kerryon much more as he clearly looked like the best runner.

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ugh roster limit of 4? what kind of crap is that lol


Oh man I didn’t even think about that. It’s a keeper auction league. Kerryon would cost nothing for me if I keep him next year. Hmmm gotta think

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so put it this way… keeper league Kerryon has more upside in my opinion. You already have Gurley and Mixon. Boom you’re starting those two guys week to week. So you have the space to roster Kerryon, him and Dion are good flex options. Right now Dion > Kerryon… But when Kerryon gets more work he could be the next big thing… I like the lotto ticket.

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I am a gambler. Alright thanks