Drop Kirk Cousins?

Is Cousins worth stashing for back up at this time? He has a tough schedule a head of him and its hard to trust him. There are a couple of good QBs on the wire through my league still that I feel like I could get by with if god forbid Wentz went down. I just feel like having him is just taking space on bench.

What is everyone’s thoughts?

Bumpity bump

I had Cousins as my Starter since Week 1 but picked up Mariota a cpl weeks ago … now I’m having trouble deciding who’s getting the start this week…???

To answer your question I’d say hold Cousins Forsure don’t cut if you choose to go with another QB for a few weeks, he’s forsurely a great back up option!!

That a is a difficult decision, dang but I like Mariota this week, Bears D is tough! I guess I will hold onto him for a couple of weeks.