Drop Kirk for Justin Jackson or J Hill?

Would you drop Kirk for either of these guys as a flier? I have Watkins, Woods, and Allen as my top WRs along with Kirk, Hollywood, and Green (IR Slot) on my bench. My RBs are Jacobs, Gurley, Bell, D Montgomery, and Brown.

I would consider dropping him for Jackson. I think Jackson is similar to L. Murray: not really the starter and won’t get the majority of the work; but, with a TD, he’ll have enough volume to be relevant. Also, with Henry out and M. Williams dinged up, Ekeler could be asked to do more in the passing game freeing up rushing work for Jackson. Lastly, RB depth is more important than WR depth.
On the Kirk side, Fitz was very valuable at the end of the game last week because of down the field work. Fitz hadn’t caught a 40+ yard ball in 5 years but last week he caught 2. That tells me two things: Murray, once he got his legs, can push the ball down field and Fitz is highly unlikely to produce the way he did last week. This means Kirk should see quality opportunity.

If I could, I’d roster both Kirk and Jackson because week 2 should be very telling for both players. So, if you have 2 QBs or 2 TEs, I’d drop or trade 1 to roster both guys. If you really only can roster 1 guy, I’d roster Jackson because RBs are more valuable than WRs

I would keep Kirk. He had 12 targets last week.

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I’d take Kirk with his targets as mentioned by other guy.

I think it’s too early to bail on Kirk.

Too much was made of the fact that he was only out there for 40 percent of Kyler Murray’s pre-season snaps.

He had 12 targets in week 1, he’s a talented player they’re excited about, and the offense can’t live by Fitz / DJ alone. They need him.