Drop L. Blount. RB Help

I’m in a standard league and only have 3 RB.

K. Hunt
D. Freeman
L. Blount

Should I drop L. Blount for any of these RB?
J. Richard
L. Murray
T. Cohen
W. Smallwood
M. Mack

Hard to say, but I’m not sure I would. With only 3 RB’s, I think you should look at dropping a different position to add Murray, Mack, or Smallwood.

i personally like blount more than the rest of those guys. i think he has the safest floor

Well I can drop K. Stills if Parker plays this week.
But my bench is ;
D. Jackson
A. Jeffery
S. Diggs
M. Stafford
G. Tate
J. Doctson

you can drop Doctson unless you believe he will score this week against Dallas this week. Blount is safer to own, but Murray has a good match-up this week and will see goal line work . I think ROS Blount has more value in a good offense, like when was with NE last season then any of these other backs.