Drop Lance for Hines

Should I drop Trey Lance for Nyheim Hines? I’m I’m a two QB league with Kyler Murray and Tom Brady. My Rbs are Dalvin Cook, Mixon, Swift, and Gaskin but saw Hines available and was wondering if that is worth the pickup. Please help!

Din’t you just axe the same thing in another post?

Not a good look, wasting people’s time like that.

Yes. Sorry it was a double post by accident. Won’t let it happen again.

How was it by accident? You clearly typed two different posts, with slightly different titles, axing the same thing in two different ways. Do you have a short term memory deficit or something?

Essentially. I have below average service at work. I didn’t realize the first one was posted and posted it again. I tried to delete but it was too late. I had written the note the message out in my notes before posting it.

All right, fair enough. I just see a lot of people (on a lot of sites) making multiple posts to attract more attention, but I’ll give you a pass on this one.

I am sorry to let the foot clan down. It won’t happen again. I’ll be way more cautious about my postings.