Drop Landry and/or Baldwin

I have Rex Burkhead coming off IR. Was thinking of dropping Landry to make room. Also, Watson ad Rivers are on waivers and I’m thinking of then dropping Baldwin for one of them. Rodgers is my current QB, but I’m considering picking one of those up and playing them. My other WRs are Davante Adams, JuJu, and Sanders.

Make rivers your top claim.
look at the second half of the game. He does little dump and runs with Ekeler as the back.

I was gonna say Watson. Watson is getting goal line plays too.
Probably be fine with both.

I dropped Baldwin last night and I feel sick to my stomach. Someone is gonna pick him up and play him against me and he’s gonna blow up. Haven’t gotten to Landry yet but same as Baldwin. I gotta make moves though.

I like both the QBs. I’ll still play Rodgers this week and Week 14 vs. the Falcons. Week 15 at Chicago though…I’m benching him. That’s why I looking at picking up Watson or Rivers now. I hate having to drop Baldwin or Landry, but I need to shore up my starting lineup with the playoffs starting next week. I’m a Gordon and Ekeler owner. Not sure if that plays into your feelings toward Watson and Rivers.