Drop Latavius Murray?

Im in a 10T full ppr redraft league…I’m an owner of Dalvin Cook and also have Latavius Murray but honestly is it even worth keeping him? The o line is garbage and the 2-3 weeks without Cook the Vikings hav used 3 RBs so is it even worth wasting a bench spot for him?

Listen to Jason talk about him in the Friday show. In a 10 teamer, I’d drop him. I dropped him in a 14 teamer and he was basically a landmine that cost another team FAAB for single digit production.

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Yeah, him and Hogan are both off my team as soon as I can drop them. Really disappointing. Drafted Latavius late, not trusting Dalvin’s health which was correct but Latavius has just been bad. That team is all about Cousins and Diggs/Thielen/Rudolph.

Yup pass happy cause they can’t run wit crap o line and their D isn’t living up to their big names…