Drop LeSean McCoy as a bench trap?

I’m 0-2 in a 0.5 ppr.

Currently I’m contemplating dropping LeSean McCoy.
Just in the hopes other teams pick him up and use up a spot on their bench…
This year with McCoy… I’m not sure when I should play him as I feel like he has a low floor and a very low ceiling… I feel like I should be using his spot on the bench just to pick up and see potential players… Is this a bad idea? Should I keep McCoy on the bench?

My current team below…
QB: I stream the QB

Antonio Brown
Nelson Agholor
Allen Robinson
Cooper Kupp
Kenny Stills
Marvin Jones Jr

Dion Lewis
Phillip Lindsay
Javorius Allen
LeSean McCoy
Leonard Fournette
TE: Jordan Reed

Defense: Stream where I can but currently sticking with the Bears.

I drafted and dropped McKinnon…

I say yes, drop him as bait.

I don’t really care about bait, but I dropped him just so I can roster someone useful.

Ok thanks.
Just wanted to do a sanity check.

I would just trade him for something, you may not get much value but maybe make a package and you’ll find yourself looking better than you did if you just dropped him

No one is buying McCoy right now. And waivers clear tonight. I’d rather just drop him and get a useful player than burn a roster slot on him. He has cracked ribs. As a RB, that is not an injury you want. Just ask Ty Mont from last year.