Drop Lev Bell for a D/ST?

Was thinking of going without a D/ST before the news of his release broke. I’m dropping Arizona for a streaming QB

How many points per week to D/ST score in your format?

Drop your kicker and pick up the D you want now and hope you have clarity on Bell before the games this weekend…if not then you have to drop somebody to get a K anyway.

Looking at your team, if you drop Bell and he has the “hope” of a new team around him, he’ll likely get picked up next week which would suck for you because you could use a more solid RB3 (Carson/Taylor looks great 1-2 even if you’re stacking with Russ…but Mattison and Mike Davis have their days numbered).

Your WRs look strong even with Thomas still out…so if I were you and had to drop a player for a Defense this week, it would probably be Fuller. Next week you’re playing MT, Terry, and then you have Robby Anderson/Chark(?)/Jefferson to round out a flex/fill-in spot.

RBs are more valuable so even without a team, I’d try to hold on until you have more info on Bell.

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This year seems especially difficult to get points out of a defense. Like 6-8 points is a week for D/STs this year.

I like the strategy of temporarily dropping the Kicker to get the D i want. Although Blankenship is looking like a top Kicker this year.

I don’t know, i think i’d sooner drop Jefferson than Will Fuller…

Yeah Fuller might be HOU WR1 and Jefferson is definitely the 2…as long as you have an opinion about it then you’re good. Just pull the trigger!

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Blankenship will score more than a “typical” defense so I see no reason to drop him. If you leave a roster position blank it sounds like defense is where you want to take the 0 not Blankenship who is averaging 11 pt/week.

Try a 2-for-1 trade or wait until Sunday to drop Bell for a defense. Or even trade Jefferson to a team with 2 QBs.

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Yeah i think i’m gonna take the Zero at D/ST. I’m trying to trade Jonathan Taylor, Mike Davis, and Lev Bell for Dalvin Cook. that guy’s team is decimated at RB and he’s on a 3 game losing streak, so he might just tilt enough to do it lol (not likely though)

Do everything you can to not take a 0.

Can you get Lockett from him and get a Russ stack? Start with Chark and Jefferson and that’ll free up a roster spot.

That’d be too many seahawks IMO. Plus Lockett left a sour taste in my mouth after last season - him and Aaron Jones ghosted me in weeks 12 and 13 and i missed the playoffs lol. Lockett’s inconsistency is showing this year as well.