Drop locket for Powell?

.5 ppr 12 man league, my rbs are
Melvin Gordon
Christian McCaffery
Rex Burkhead
Kerryon Johnson
Corey Clement

My WRs are
Doug Baldwin
Amari cooper
Robby Anderson
Nelson Agholor
Tyler Lockett
Mike Williams

Would drop Lockett or Clement to pick up Powell? Or who would you drop?

If you really need to pick him up, I would drop lockett because baldwin has still been playing “hurt” for around 3 years now.

help with mine please…

I would definitely be rostering powell in redraft. Good shot at winning that job and gives you some decent depth. You’re not going to start lockett over Baldwin anyways and you’re definitely never going to start them both.

Like be honest, if Baldwin goes down or doesn’t play, your season is going to be rough no matter what, handcuffing with Lockett doesn’t help. And you can’t handcuff WRs.

I do think is a bad trade, I love fournette over McKinnon anyway

what about Hilton/juju for baldwin/Edelman?