Drop Lockett, Keelan Cole or Sterling Shepard?

Need to drop 1 of the 3 to get a kicker to meet the league requirements. Which one should I drop?

PPR or standard. Close but I would probably drop Cole

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PPR… that is what I was thinking but since he is the #1 @jax it feels like a huge upside opportunity vs the safer but less upside lockett and shepard

Would drop lockett out of the 3.


Keelan is a #1 on the depth chart i’d hold him

Shepard a #2 will see plenty of work in a offense that has plenty of mouths to feed

Lockett a #2 with his new deal and uncertainty with Doug Baldwin can have a good year too.

PPR i’d keep Cole and Shep


Cole is an easy keep for me seeing as he is the #1 for the Jaguars unless someone else proves otherwise, Tougher choice between Shepard and Lockett, probably would keep Shepard.

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i would drop locket.


I’d keep Cole, for sure.

Tough call between Shepard and Lockett. But I think I’m dropping Shepard. Here’s why: I’m looking at it like, who is more likely to be around later on Waivers. And I think Lockett has a higher chance of being snapped up. In my experience this year, no one really cares about Shepard.

I’d drop Shepard.

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Thanks guys