Drop Lockett, Moore, Gillislee, Clement or Penny for Kicker?

Help guys! I need to drop either Tyler Lockett, D.J. Moore, Mike Gillislee, Corey Clement or Rashaad Penny to make room for a kicker.

I’m leaning towards an RB, since my roster isn’t as deep at WR and it’s a 3 WR league.

Also, I dropped Mahomes (drafted in last round) to stream Dalton this week, but am now debating dropping another one of these guys to pick Mahomes back up before sunday, in case he goes off with Bosa out. Would you recommend and if so, who would you drop?

Thanks guys!

i’m choosing to drop Clement. I figure his 3pts from last night isn’t something people will be pursuing

I would say Penny or Clement. Penny wont have much value till week 4 or 5, and Clement is not fantasy relevant

clement isnt locked since he already played? he is my drop as well but didnt think that was possible.

A player isnt locked if they were on your bench.

must be nice to be in a league like that

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