Drop lynch for martin/ito/richard?

have a trade going thru tomorrow (lockett/brieda for sanders) and now with michel week to week, im looking thin at rb. I have conner, but who knows how long he will be playing.

I can drop lynch right now and pick up any of those three without battling waivers wednesday

RBs post trade
mark ingram, michel, lynch, ekeler and James conner

I’d grab Ito of those guys. Can you make mor space? They are all worth adding even if just to flip immediately. Mostert is a good add too

i def like ito the best, at least on an offense thats doing something. only others i could drop
are baldwin or conner.

im planning to hit waivers hard wednesday, which includes mostert, mack, and the others mentioned in the main post. our league is on the waiver orders and i probably wont get those guys. trying to make at least one positive move before hand.

Mack may be the best RB to have of everyone mentioned but sounds like he is not a FA. def grab Ito now, in that case. And again, the others as well if you can make space even temporarily (dropping a streamer, kicker, etc). Rare for starting Rb ‘s to just be falling out of the sky mid season like this. It’s these weeks when playoff teams are made/bolstered. I added Davanta Parker too with the possibility of being traded to the Eagles, or anybody else.


like where your heads at, yeah, i scooped ito, 4 out of 10 on waivers, hoping i catch some people in the league sleeping and make moves hard.

mack your number one target from that list?

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He is. I like Mostert a lot too but Mack the best.

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In same boat am looking for most upside

Where is everyone at with Clement vs the names mentioned - ie Richard, Mostert?

Clement is a better option than everyone except for Mack I’d say. I also forgot about Bibbs - he’s a good add too. Less certain playing time though