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Drop M. Williams for K. Cole?


I am in a redraft 12 team standard league with 3 WR’s. WR core is currently A.Thielen, J. Gordon, R. Anderson, P. Garcon, D. Moore, and M. Williams. Since H. Jackson has now come out and said J. Gordon will not start Week 1 even if 100% healthy, I am looking for a startable asset that can contribute week 1. I view M. William as a long term asset with the upside of becoming the no 2 target. But with the news of M. Lee injury, K. Cole now has the upside of becoming the no 1 receiver albeit in a run first offense. Do you guys think I should drop M. Williams for K. Cole? The rest of my bench is made up of M. Ingram, R. Burkhead, P. Barber and S. Michel so I can’t see myself dropping any of them