Drop Maclin for Smallwood?

12 team standard.
I don’t know when I’ll ever start Maclin. Should I just drop him to pick up Smallwood as a RB lottery ticket? He’s a free agent so it’ll cost me no FAAB

You have noone else you can drop? Maclin isn’t close to a droppable WR. If you have two TEs or two QBs I would drop one of them before I dropped Maclin. Package him with something else to get a better RB if you don’t want him on your roster

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I have Simeon as my backup QB (nearly everyone in my league carries 2 QBs)… Wilson is my starter.

WRs are Tyreek, Watkins,
Marais Bryant, and JJ Nelson.

Gronk at TE

RBs are Gordon, Gilleslee, Cohen and Abdullah… I lost David Johnson

That leaves like 5 bench spots though that you didn’t list. There’s no way Maclin is your worst player.

QB… Wilson
RBs… Gordon, Gilleslee
WRs… Hill, Watkins
TE… Gronk
Flex… Martavis Bryant
DST… Jags

Brandon Oliver (Gordon handcuff)
JJ Nelson
Ravens dst (slight bonus in league means good weeks can run 25-39 points)

I don’t know who else to cut besides my handcuff, or backup QB, but Wilson’s early performances were scary

I’m in a similar situation where I feel Maclin is my worst player. I’m considering dropping him for Locket or Funchess as a flier for this week cause I sure as hell don’t want to play him. But it is hard to just drop him and I haven’t done it yet.

Yea, Maclin is getting in the endzone, but I don’t think his ceiling is high at all. But then again, maybe he is someone to hold and attempt to trade up

I guess the question is, are you really going to bench Russell Wilson for Simeon? I’ve contemplated the samething this year after he started off so slow, but I just can’t see myself benching him. Kind of like McCoy right now… I’m with Swiss, try to package him in a trade for an RB upgrade. If he goes to waivers someone will pick him up for sure…

siemian has played super well other than the past week. opposite for wilson. OL is terrible in seattle
but I wouldnt mind dropping maclin. there is 0 production from any WRs in baltimore and plenttttty waiver wire options.