Drop Manning For Cutty Stream?

This is insane with Luck out… I got Siemian off waiver this week but not too sure about his match with the bills. Standard 10 point League.

I actually went Smokin’ Jay Cutty for this upcoming week against the NYJ. He has the weapons and I agree with you - I was originally for Siemien, but looking at the Bills points allowed and the fact he’s away and has been making his points off of TDs made me weary to start him this week.

Thanx for the advice, still on the edge though. I cant seem to let go of Denver’s confidence going to Buffalo. They’re 2-0 with a good O-Line and even better Defence. I think they’ll want to go in there and make a statement that they can win on the road as well.

Oh I also agree with that. I guess the main issue is if they make a statement, do they then keep running the ball after they have a lead, which then hampers Siemien’s value?

jay cutler for the win!!!

Would you guys take Cutler over Rivers? I think Rivers is a potentially safer play.

yes safer play but for this week Cuntler is a must start!!!