Drop Mariota for Siemien? I have Stafford and dont want 3 QB's. What do you think?

I know it’s only going in to wk 3, but I’m considering dropping Mariota for Siemien. I have Stafford and dont want 3 QB’s. What do you think?

Plus I’m 0-2. Need to make some moves

idk about dropping mariota… I also have him but after this week his schedule gets a lot easier and I expect big things from him.

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Yeah I hear you…It’s why I drafted him, but I also have D. Murray and LeVeon Bell. Just lost Olsen, and now I’m 0-2 because my studs are basically doing nothing. I’ve got some other waivers going, but I’m considering a gamble on Siemien in order to win. I just don’t want 3 QB’s. Thanks! I’ll take that in to consideration.

I feel you but your RB’s will eventually get back to form I wouldn’t panic. I’m 2-0 but I guarantee you I’m in a worst situation with my team I just faced the two worst teams in the league. If anything just start stafford he has looked unreal and is playing atlanta going to be a high scoring game.

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