Drop Martavis for Ivory?

I have Fournette (hasn’t practiced this week) and can really only drop Martavis to pick up Ivory… Do I drop Martavis?

I heard LeVeon & AB makes up for 70% of Pitts offense or something like that so he’s probably a safe drop. His talent is boom or bust and instead of asking for the ball he’s asking for a trade which seems pretty lame.

Another way to think about it, is there any situation you would play Marty Mc’bry this week? Probably not but you probably will play Ivory if Fournette’s out.

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Hey. You heard the man @reid_saito. Pick him up.

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Thanks @RyanDelaney and @reid_saito, I did pick up and start Ivory. Good thing he scored that touchdown… pretty terrible day yardage/fumble-wise.

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A lot more points than what Bryant got! I think he’s imploding deleting stuff he posts on social media talking trash about his own teammates. Even if he gets traded Bryant might have a hard time getting back to what he was.

I’m thinking Ivory is the handcuff to own with 17 carries vs Yeldon’s 9 but I guess his best days may be behind him since he didn’t produce much against Indy’s porous rushing Defense.

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Oh for sure. Hoping Bryant can turn it around (hoping for a trade), he’s
just too special of a talent.

Definitely agree on Ivory - he’s the volume start and I think there’s too
long a history of Yeldon under-performing for the Jags. Who knows, maybe
he’ll take that role over from Ivory. Fingers crossed on Fournette coming
back 100% (or close to it) in week 9 so that this conversation doesn’t have
to be rehashed :slight_smile:

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