Drop Martin or Morris

How do you feel about dropping Martin or Morris for Dion Lewis or Woodhead? Standard scoring. Other RB’s: Hunt, Freeman, Coleman
QB’s: Cam and Wilson
WR: Tate, Cooper, Parker, Shepard
DST: Baltimore, Detroit

I’m 8-2 looking great for playoffs. Playing for the bye


What kind of monster puts RB before QB on his roster!!! Haha just kidding…

But I would drop Martin and hold on to Morris. I would add lewis and then add Woodhead if you can’t get Lewis.

Morris is one more wait and see for me. He actually ran really well when given the opportunity. I think he averaged like 5 yards a carry or something around there. The main thing was just that left tackle. It’s impossible to run or throw (as we saw) when you are missing a lineman. I think we wait and see if their starter comes back soon and how things shape up.

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I would personally drop Morris. I don’t think he is a good back and hasn’t been for many years. Martin has had good games this year at least. I really don’t like either though. I would rather have both Lewis and Woodhead

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