Drop Mattison for a TE?

12 Team, Full PPR, 1RB/2FLEX(RB/WR/TE) Roster

I drafted Jonnu as my only TE. This is my money league and most teams drafted 2TEs so streaming options are completely barren if Jonnu doesn’t work out. Not even Ebron or Jarwin made it out of the draft… looking at available options, Chris Herndon, Dallas Goedert, and Dan Arnold would be the only TEs even worth rostering at this point. Would you consider dropping Mattison for any of those guys?

I don’t have Cook. My current RB situation is:
J Taylor
C Thompson

I wouldn’t. If everyone else drafted two TEs, they aren’t likely going to be picking up any more. Good chance those guys will stay on waivers until you need them.

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Agreed! No need to take an extra TE just cuz everyone else has one. At the same time, you don’t need to hold Mattison so it’s up to you

I don’t put much value in the “never roster 2 TEs!” argument. I get it if you’re rostering 2 TEs like Olsen and Jimmy Graham… or If I get someone like Kelce, Kittle, Andrews etc at value, I never roster a 2nd TE outside of the bye week. But if I miss out on those top guys, I like to take 2 TEs with upside later and look for a breakout. If the breakout doesn’t happen or show any signs of happening (low snap counts, low to no targets, etc), then I cut them and pick up one of the handcuffs that inevitably get dropped in the first few weeks, then I can just stream TE the rest of the season. If the breakout does happen, and I don’t have them, I won’t get them. I won’t blow a top waiver priority on chasing TE points, and if I don’t have a top priority, I won’t get them anyway. All that being said, I probably will hold Mattison until I know 100% beyond a reasonable doubt that Cook is not going to skip games… More reports came out that they still aren’t close to a deal.


I would at least hold Mattison until Jonnu’s bye. Having an extra TE right now isn’t valuable but Mattison could be if anything happens w/Cook. You might also try making a trade offer to the Cook owner for one of his TE’s rather than just dropping Mattison to waivers.

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I am in the same boat in 2 different leagues. Ultimately i decided to hold on to him for the first few weeks or so to see how it shakes out.

In 2 leagues this year here is how it played out. In one league I didnt snag TE until very late, so I grabbed Gesicki and then Jarwin at the end.
Another league I waited until very late for QB and somehow got Rodgers… but after looking at waivers the only viable one left was Goff… so I dropped Mattison to grab him.

To me if I am weak at one of those positions I will go ahead and grab a second one with a plan on streaming, and hoping one or the other hits.

Exactly. I typically only do this for TE (and sometimes QB). If I draft a TE I trust, I ignore the position outside of my bye… I learned my lesson years ago that if I have to stream TE when half or more of teams hold multiple TEs, I end up struggling… If I can snag a “breakout” TE, I finish top 3 almost 100% of the time. The point isn’t to just hold 2 mediocre TEs all season. You can apply the same logic to QB but I typically don’t struggle at identifying a weekly starter at QB but I typically don’t go that route… this is also fluid… obviously I decide to hold Mattison in the chance that Cook holds out. I typically hold extra handcuffs through preseason games in case of injuries as well… but if I hold handcuffs into the season, they’re getting dropped by the time byes start anyway. I’m typically very active with roster moves lol.

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Same here, the past 2 years I had like 50+ roster moves… but I’m back to back champ so it works out. Sometimes I make a mistake, but sometimes I hit a D. Parker like last year.
But yeah this year I drafted Gesicki and Jarwin in one league in the hope that one hits so I can drop the other. Or at least stream successfully. It helped that when the time came I couldn’t really decide on who I wanted. Lol

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