Drop Mattison for Pollard?

I have Kamara, Cook & D. Williams as my starters. Darwin T and Mattison on my bench. We can only carry 5 backs (it’s dumb).

IMO it depends on what you think Zeke is going to do. If you think Zeke will be signing pretty soon, then keep Mattison. If not, get Pollard.

Looks like you have the depth to handle it either way, and you have Thompson as a cuff for Williams as well.

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yeah, i’m going to hold pat. zeke will prolly be back mid-season.

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As a fan and follower of the Cowboys, I would say two things:

-If Zeke holds out into the season, Pollard might put up Zeke stats but probably won’t because I don’t think he will get Zeke’s full workload. He’ll be the main guy, but probably share some with Alfred Morris or Darius Jackson.

-If Zeke is in, Pollard may possibly still be fantasy relevant because I can see Kellen Moore putting them on the field together. If Pollard is explosive as they think he is, then both could be relevant like Kamara-Ingram a couple years ago.

Bottom line, I think you should take Pollard. (but yeah I’m a bit biased)

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Take Pollard. If for nothing else at least for trade bait.