Drop McLaurin for Deebo?

12 team standard

Well would you?
I mean god i loved having McLaurin on my team before Haskins was named starter. With Haskins as starter ROS I don’t see anything possibly happening for McLaurin beyond week 12.
On the flip side Deebo is on my wire and looks like he’s got upside w/ the latest injuries to Kittle and Sanders. If anything would he be a good 1 week filler against ARI.

Not a terrible idea. I’m only worried with the “why now. “ deebos been there all season only had maybe two games over 10 points. Will it actually continue and San Fran passes more. I think mclaurin will still be viable. Haskins is getting a full load of first team reps now and not getting thrown in middle of the game with minimal reps. they are seeing what they have so he should be taking some shots.

Thats true. I think the “why now” for me is because Deebo is just now starting to see a good share of targets because of injuries, which i believe may taper off. I agree with what you say about Haskins getting all those reps and taking the shots to Mclaurin which justifies his viability…I just remembered Guice is coming back too…
I think Deebo is the #1 ( Goodwin doesn’t look to factor much to me) and has an established QB with a great line, so he doesn’t seem to really have to rush his throws.