Drop Michael Gallup?

I’ve had it with this guy. He’s established himself as the 3rd in the receiving pecking order behind Lamb and has been absolute trash for me the last two weeks.

I think he is a hold for at least one, maybe two, more weeks. The matchup this week I have him barely outside of the WR2 category in 12 team leagues, but he could easily end up a high-end WR2. If you end up dropping him now you could make one of the other owners very happy in the next couple weeks.

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Hold on to him. Its too early in the season to let him go. If by week 6 his on the same b.s. then cut him.

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I mean, alot of this depends on who is available on waivers.

In general, I’d agree with the previous posts, but if you can get someone like Robby Anderson or a suitable replacement it’s not a terrible move.

Hold onto him. I’m personally giving him until after this week to show me something. If he doesn’t up fantasy #'s with this shootout game coming up I say desperation trade him and if no one bites drop him

Curious how OP feels about this after yesterdays game with the seahawks…