Drop Mike Williams for Ty Montgomery?

Someone in my league dropped Ty to pick up conner, should I snag him while hes on waivers?

I can also drop Dak, but I have Dalton and think Dak is a good stream next week against the Giants

As a Dallas fan, I am not sure about Dak this year. Personally, in a 14-man roster league (meaning value on waivers almost every week) I’d only hold onto one QB. I find more value in potential RBs.

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Tend to agree, this isnt faab and I sort of accidentally added him, he was a FA and already had a waiver on Ty but Dak was just added instantly. I will just look like a fool because it will show i added, dropped, and then maybe added again next week lol.

I’m also a Dallas fan and my leaguemates know this, they all target dallas players they like a little before I can get my hands on them.I’m not feeling super optimistic, but if he can get to where he was early in the year last year then I would feel really good. I can also see a little more pocket colapse where he will be forced to use his legs and that doesnt hurt in fantasy… read an interesting BTB article on how much he ran in college.


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