Drop Mike Willimas/Keke for Allison?

Someone just dropped Geronimo Allison, and it’s 12 team standard scoring. I have Green, Baldwin, Landry, Keke and Mike Williams at WR - do i drop Williams or Keke for him as a more consistent option with Rodgers throwing him the ball for upside? Or stay put?

I can’t see a game that i can trust Mike Williams given the mouths to feed on the Chargers offense and KeKe providing he gets consistent volume could end up similar to Allison ROS.

I’d drop MW. Keke is becoming an integral part of the hoist offense on weekly basis. MW is a boom buster.

I’m leaning that way. If i mange to get Allison and he plays would you play him this week over KeKe as my flex WR behind Green and Landry?

Tough one. I view them as near equals. No state, but it seems they play a similar role in their offenses, get similar volumes, and are in the same pecking order of offensive priority. Would probably lean Keke but would take a closer look at recent volume and keep a close eye on Cobb.

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That’s fair and i agree. Yes if Cobb misses and i get Allison and he’s playing then he gets the bump but if Fuller can’t go and Hopkins will see White all day Keke could have a big day. Nice headache to have in a lot of weeks though. Fingers crossed i can grab him