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Drop Mixon for D.Henry?


Plain and simple, do you drop Mixon to place a claim on D.Henry knowing that Mixon’s getting a new OC this week, but also that Henry’s only obstacle to being a workhorse is already-dinged-up Murray?

Roster is as follows:
QB: Dak, Cousins
WR: OBJ, Jeffery, Parker, Maclin
RB: Hunt, Howard, Cohen, Crowell, Riddick, Mixon
TE: Ertz

Thanks guys!


Mixon is going to be the man in Cincinnati so it depends on if you are going to be playing them in your lineup this week. If you need the points now Henry will have them in my opinion but for the entire season I see mixon with the higher ceiling. Murray will get healthy and will compete with henry. I personally would just hold off if you don’t need it.


Sounds advice, @Mighty_Mikings… and with my RB depth, I really don’t think it’s necessary by any means. I agree with you, as well - I’m excited to see what Mixon can be if Lazor makes the decision to use him effectively.

The only slight thing pushing me toward D.Henry in this particular case is that my opponent this week is the Murray owner. Now, he’s kind of a “taco” so he may not be aware of Murray’s status and he may not be willing to separate from his FAAB enough to go after Henry (though he absolutely should). Decisions, decisions…



That does make that all the more juicy and tempting. The other name that I see besides mixon is maybe riddick? I’m curious to see what the lions strategies are going to be for the year with their run game.


if murray is out this week i think henry is a must start. now for the long run mixon is a better bet, people are freaking out about murray but i still think his that same back from last year just has a bad hemmy


@LuccasG, you raise an interesting point/option here… IF I added Henry this week and he’s solid (although he plays Seattle so… meh)… but IF he’s solid, I could potentially talk the Murray owner into a trade. Might be able to get Sanders off him.

@Mighty_Mikings, you see what I’m saying?! Haha. I think if it’s Riddick or Mixon… the evidence we’ve seen thus far is Riddick having a safer 1/2 PPR floor. I mean - if you needed ONE in a pinch, who would you be more comfortable rolling with?

Ahhh, seems like a lot of “ifs” and “maybes.” I should probably just hold what I’ve got and see how Mixon looks. Thanks again all!


hahah the ifs and maybes are what is addicting about fantasy football. My last question to you is do you think someone would pick up mixon? i know in my league no one will pick him up until he has a standout game. i guess thats another maybe lol