Drop Mixon or D. Montgomery, pickup T. Coleman off waivers? PPR

Coleman is available, drop Mixon or D. Montgomery?

Are they definitely your only drop candidates? They’ll get snapped up immediately so I’d try trade them. Seems wrong to outright cut them.

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how small is your league? there has to be someone else to drop besides those two guys no?

I really wouldn’t drop either of them… I understand the move, but I think if you shop them you could still get something decent back (especially mixon), which would be better than dropping them. If it were me, I would be looking to package mixon with a WR. This way you could upgrade a WR spot, and you would open up a bench spot for Coleman.

12 team league.

Do you have multiple Defenses QB’s or Kickers on your team?

Those cant be the only drop options.

Your best best is to drop your kicker or defense, pickup Coleman, then in the next 2 days try and do a 2 for 1 trade. In this 2for1 trade you will likely be overpaying depending on your league…but better than dropping and getting no value.
I’ve done this 3 times this year and packaged 2 players for 1 -
Mark Andrews for Sterling/C.Thompson
Tyreek for Juju and Ekeler
Fournette for Ekeler/McLaurin

Okay I’ve proposed a trade for J. Conner and R. Woods. He just lost Dizzly.

Trade away Mixon, Hunter Henry, and David Montgomery.

I’ve got Andrews at TE already.

Current team Start 3 WR and W/R/T flex

QB L. Jackson & Cousins

WR M. Evans, Lockett, Scary Terry, C. Samuel & Tyrell Williams.

RB Kamara, A.Ekler, P. Lindsey, Mixon, & Montgomery

TE Andrews, & Henry

Tenn D

I’d drop cousins cause you’re not starting him over Lamar. You can stream a qb on his bye week

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drop cousins