Drop Moncrief for Snead?

Snead will be back from suspension next week and I feel more upside for him than moncrief. Plus, I have Michael Thomas so it might not be a bad wr handcuff. Would any of you drop moncrief and pick up snead?

I have a similar predicament except vice versa, moncrief is waivers and i have ginn on my bench, answer mine if i answer yours lol, i woukd pick up snead, hes worth the stash because more likely than not hes productive, why is why im thinking about dropping ginn and stashing moncrief until luck is back

Absolutely grab Snead.

I would probably hold on to ginn. theres just something about that colts offense that I dont like. It might be me being impatient but I just dont like anyone but hilton and gore on that team.

What about stashing decker?

Thats not a bad move. He has a lot of upside. He’ll get it going for sure.

Yeah thats what I hope, already made the move