Drop Monty or Singletary for Ty Johnson?

Full PPR, would you call time on Monty or Singletary for Ty Johnson?

Not sure I can take more of this awful Bears offense, and Singletary will always be limited by Gore…

I dropped DM while he was on his bye. Got some hate on this Forum but i stand by my decision.

I would 100% rather have Ty Johnson now that Kerryon is out until week 16 if not season.


I def agree. I’d drop Montgomery in a heartbeat


Okay so missed Ty but someone dropped Ronald Jones - would anyone drop Monty for him at this stage? More upside IMO?

What if DM and the Bears get their Sh*t together and take advantage of this upcoming schedule? That’s the only reason why I’m still holding on to DM- granted he’s just resting on my bench since I’m doing alright with my other RBs.

I do see that argument, my other RBs are:
Kamara, DJ, Coleman, Jones and Singletary

So unless he really starts to become a 18+ touch a game guy and takes advantage of the schedule he won’t be beating any of them out.

I’m concerned about DJ but I think post bye week he’ll be back to normal.

The other option is drop him for Bridgewater, my opponent lost Mahomes and I’ve got Ryan and Darnold but don’t know if Ryan plays, not happy with Darnold and if Brees is out again Teddy will be a top 12 play with upside vs the Cards - play QB keep away from my opp?

I would drop DM. Singletary has just as easy of a schedule coming up and at this point I would rather have the Bill soffense.

I think Ronald Jones is worthy of a roster spot. I’ve looking into trading for him but just can’t decide on his value. The Peyton Barber situation will continue to be frustrating though.

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Wait- Kamara, DJ and Jones? Someone must have made some good trades.

No I hear ya about DM- I’ve been trying to sell him to other managers with his schedule but no one is biting.

If you do drop him then yes play QB keep away!!! NO MERCY!

Id drop DM for the chance Ty takes Kerryons job no. 1 back in a good offense.

But I would rather wait for dm on my bench till the end then deal with the tempa backfield.

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Yes did some pre season moves and grabbed DJ a couple of weeks back.

Been a painful year though I also have Ryan at QB, Engram at TE and a WR core of Allen, Amari, OBJ (trade piece) and Godwin but have flip flopped to 4-3 with a 2 point victory last week over the worst team in the league!

He’s got Minshew plugged in so I’ll wait and see now, if Brees sits though I’ll go Teddy over Darnold. Sounds like Ryan will be okay, I can grab Darnold for week 9 while he’s on bye

Trade obj/allen for kittle

You cant start all them wrs

The thing with Montgomery is that Nagy did come out and say “I know we need to run the ball more.” It just makes me think that he sees Trubisky struggling and will switch to a more run heavy offence… and Montgomery might have one of the most favourable RB schedules coming up (LAC, Detroit twice, Giants, GB, KC). Montgomery doesn’t really have any competition in the backfield as a runner, so if they figure it out in these easy matchups it’ll be on his back. He’s upside is there.

Singletary also has some good matchups ahead and I find it hard to believe that buffalo is invested in gore long term which makes me think Singletary is the guy. The thing is I’m thinking he might be the guy next year; this year they might be content letting Gore lead since they are winning, and allowing Singletary to mature. I really believed in Singletary, but I’m not sure he will be more than a flex. I mean, what better game than Miami to come back from injury and yet he really didn’t do much.

All that being said, I’m in the same situation as you. I’ve got both Montgomery and Singletary on my bench and I need to move away from one of them to free up space. Luckily I got Ty Johnson, but that doesn’t change that I feel I need to move on from one of these other 2 if I want to make my team better now. I can’t trust either to get into my flex yet, so they are hogging spots. Especially with bye weeks coming.

I haven’t decided yet who I will keep, but my feeling is Montgomery will be easier to trade. So I’m exploring that option first before dropping, using some of those arguments above.

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True, have tried a few times but no takers yet. Lots of points chasers in my league so it’s easier to move guys after a outlier blow up game so I’ll have to wait on that

Agree with this, it’s been my approach for a few weeks to be honest. Was really hoping that Monty would have had one or two 18-23 point games in a row and I could have packaged him to get an upgraded RB/WR or something.

Unless I have to drop him for a QB stream (I have Ryan) I’ll hold and try and get a trade done, hopefully someone else I have will have a big week and I can package him and Monty for something good

Best I have right now I’m looking at potentially moving Hopkins and Montgomery for Keenan Allen and Mack

My RB: Carson, Ty Johnson, Montgomery, Singletary
WR: Hopkins, A.Robinson, G.Tate, Shepherd, Kirk, Crowder

I’m also trying to swing Tate+Montgomery for Mack, but this will be tougher to get done

Not trying to hijack ur thread lol but showing some examples I’ve been working on and not sure if I should proceed…

No worries we’re all here to help out each other!

I’d be much happier moving Monty and Tate for Mack. I have Allen and I’d rather Hopkins at this stage, giving him up for Allen I’d want more back than Mack I think to cover the difference in value.

Gonna flip it a bit. DM is on WW. Drop Mattison for DM? My only real starting RBs are Coleman and Carson. With Murray and Edmonds filling in the flex. I think Monty has upside moving forward, but is a high end handcuff more valuable now than he is.

To the OPs question, I don’t trust Ty in that Detroit offense. Detroit has not had a strong run game, and I don’t see it getting better with Ty. Plus Patricia already said he was thinking RBBC with Kerryon out.

I’d rather have Mattison becuase if he plays there is guaranteed carries and RB2 output. DM can play with no guarantee at all.

Nagy had Jordan Howard and couldn’t run the ball. Nagy has DM and can’t run the ball. Nagy has always thrown the ball in and Andy Reid type west-coast system and is trying his damndest to get Trubisky to operate within that system.Example: Last week the Bears were down 7-9 and on the subsequent 10-play drive Trubisky threw the ball 8 times, sacked once and one carry by Cohen.

Take the gamble if you want but I’m staying away from all Bears not named Allen Robinson.

Yea i feel that, maybe I can get Fournette or even Bell instead… but I might have to give Ty instead of Montgomery in that case lol