Drop Murray or D. Harris?

Both of them are “starters” but both have been largely underwhelming. Half ppr with Kamara on bye I need to either start one or drop one and spend some faab to get Booker or Williams

What are your thoughts? how much faab are you expecting to see those guys go for.

I lean drop murray and going after Williams. maybe like 15-25 faab have 73/100

Didnt see many faab questions today about them and was kinda hoping to.

Anyone have thoughts

Damien Williams? I would for sure drop Murray for him. He’s gonna outscore Murray’s season-long production in the weeks before monty gets back. Latavius Murray sucks. As for how much faab, that completely depends on your league, its hard to give that kind of advice.

Sorry Darrel Williams.

McKinnon was coming in a good bit on two minute drill and passing situations. Lamar vs. Andy Reid’s decision making at the goal line. I think D Williams vs. Murray is a wash and both are explosive offenses.

Harris you are getting a banged up guy that the coach probably isn’t happy about fumbling, but with James White out for the year he’s probably the best chance they have to win. The rookie back up has had the same issues and Bolden slots in in the White role and won’t see a ton of carries.