Drop MVS for Brown?

Want to pick up Malcolm brown that just got dropped. Only player to drop really would be MVS. Should I?

Yes MVS isn’t startable with any sort of confidence b/c of lack of consistency and predictability


I agree if MVs is on the bench and your not gonna play him then grab brown.
I dropped mvs to stash josh Allen for next week

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I want him in my other league but not sure who to drop there either. Penny, green, Curtis Samuel…

Do you have 2 QBs or TEs on your roster? If so, drop one of them. If not, then you need to make a call between Penny and Brown. Both guys are unlikely to have stand alone value without an injury in front of them. So, you’re betting on injury. Right now, because he is currently dinged up, the “smart” bet is on Gurley getting hurt giving Brown value

Gurley doubtful for Sunday. I moved him to my bench and flexed Courtland as he’s my only option. Not gonna stop any of my bye bench for the wire.