Drop MVS or Ito Smith

debating if I should drop MVS or Ito smith to pick up Malcolm Brown. I would likely not play MVS because my other receivers are Evans, Thomas, Gallup, Fuller, Ertz and Waller. And I like the thought of having guys, like Ito, who can turn into starters. Thoughts?

That’s juicy. I’m curious where this thread goes. My only in put as of now: Hollywood didn’t practice Wednesday or Thursday with a bad ankle. Haven’t seen updated reports yet

not Hollywood, I am talking the Rams RB that should start in place for Gurley

Ahh my mistake. Reading too fast

no worries, does that give you an opinion on it though? I am quite torn. Love stashing RBs and hoping it works out. But in the back of my mind I see Adams sitting a long time with this Turf toe issue and all of a sudden MVS picks it up like he should have been doing recently.

All of those are valid concerns. MVS was limited yesterday with hamstring and calf issues. Plus Rodgers was trying like crazy to get Geronimo the ball last week. Did you watch? I love the idea of stashing potential starters and in this case, with uncertain MVS vs a top offenses (perceived) starter, it’s a great move

I guess you’d just have to wade through all the “coach speak” and verbage about which back actually is the scheme focus

I’m optimistic that Gurley will play, but I’d drop Ito Smith for Malcolm Brown if you’re looking to hold a Handcuff… Smith doesnt get enough touches with Freeman on the field to warrant starting and if Freeman was to get hurt Our Garbage O-Line can’t block for sh*t anyways (spoken from a Falcons fan).

I hear that, Ito has been getting good work in the passing game lately too. So if Freeman would go down I could see him getting like 8 targets a game, maybe more. I would agree normally that he would be the one to drop its just that I find it very unlikely that I start MVS over any of the other guys regardless

@jpnike8 well said. If you’re home team is bad, no point in being naive about it. My Steelers are trash right now. There’s local chatter about bringing Kaep! Again! Wtf?!
We grab the worst veteran QBs. I wanted to shoot myself when we let Byron Leftwich start

you have to be kidding! no way they bring in Kaep, he hasnt played in forever! That would be a media S*** storm so fast. I am a browns fan so just going to sit quiet until we look as good as we should haha

@mFedj dude, no joke. It wasn’t some random Yinzer; it was our top news channel. After both QB injuries everyone started talking Kaep. And there were people supporting it! What?! We just shipped our AB circus. We don’t need another clown

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