Drop Njoku or Marvin to Add Geronimo

Allison is on the waivers. I grabbed Njoku last week so my Gronk owning opponent couldn’t. I have Kittle. Marvin Jones has been a huge let down. I’d hate to drop him but never want to play him. I have Woods, Julio on bye and Kupp injured.
I’m 2n5. Need to catch a 4n3 team to make the playoffs. So purge my wins needed.

I know dropping Marvin Jones feels wrong to do, but you’re right, you can never feel good playing him. Drop him for Geronimo. Rodgers’ #2 WR is better than Stafford’s #3.
I dropped Jones in a 10 team PPR league a couple weeks ago and he’s still on waivers, nobody has touched him…

I also like the play of blocking the Gronk owner on Njoku…I’m in a similar situation this week so I am considering grabbing an extra TE off waivers to play defence in case Gronk is out…and TE is thin in our league so he would be in tough if I did that.

Njoku is on Kittles level, if not better. I would trade one of them in a package with someone(maybe even Marvin) and make an upgrade at RB

Thanks guys. All pros including the ballers out Marvin higher than Geronimo WR 25 to 40. Not sure whether having uncertainty over Geronimo plays into that.
My gut says Geronimo cos Marvin has done nothing. I’ve gotta play one this week with Julio on bye and Kupp out.
I’ve tried to bundle. In our 10 team league no one feels desperate for a TE. And nobody sees value in Marvin. Bet he’d get scooped up if I dropped him though.