Drop one for a kicker

Who should I drop?
Penny, Aaron Jones, or Alfred Morris.
I think Jones has the highest ceiling but it would probably take an injury to Williams for him to have a chance at that ceiling and he’s out for 2 games. I feel like I should keep Alf as his short term outlook is better than penny or jones. But it’s a tough call I don’t really want to drop any of them.

I’d prolly drop penny

No reserve spot for Jones? I’d probably drop Jones if you had to choose. Though I hate pegging a RB in Seattle. But if Carson struggles early, Carroll won’t hesitate to yank him and put Penny in. That’s a tough one.

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Tough call, but I think Jones is the one to drop. I see a lot more people going after the “shiny new Penny” in leagues, while passing on Aaron Jones. AJ you may be able to cut and pick up later. Penny will be immediately claimed.

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Can’t put Jones on IR because he’s suspended. I’ll probably end up dropping jones. Thanks for the input.

What site are using? I have him stashed in my Reserve spot on NFL.com

Drop morris. He wont be catching any balls and he will split carries. Aaron Jones could take over and be a top 12 rb, penny will take over and be a high volume back. Morris has no upside, just a weak flex.