Drop one handcuff for another?

I am the owner of Todd Gurley and Chris Carson on a 12 team PPR league.

Should I drop Darrell Henderson for Rashad Penny?


Should I drop Henderson for Dion Lewis/Rex Burkhead?

In my bench I have Gio Bernard, Josh Allen, Miles Sanders, MSV and Mecole Hardman.

Dion won’t get the workload worthy of starting consideration, unless Henry goes down. Won’t ever know when to sit/start Rex even if Michel goes down. I’d go Penny even though he’s a pure handcuff because of Carson’s injury history.

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If Malcom brown is on waiver, pick him up instead. If not I don’t see Henderson being relevant this season

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I tried to claim him off waiver, but a team with a higher waiver priority grabbed him. I’ve been trying to trade for him, offering Gio Bernard and Larry Fitzgerald for Brown and Landry, but he wasn’t interested on a deal.

My concern is that if Gurley goes down, given his injury prone history, Henderson could have a solid role on one of the best offense in the league. But I believe that is Carson gets injured, Penny would have a bigger role in his team.

It may sound kinda dumb, but have you thought about trading that stack to the Henderson owner? If he has someone like David Johnson? That way you won’t have to worry about the “will he won’t he” thing.

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Haha so I am the David Johnson owner, and the Henderson owner. I considered trading Gurley to the Malcom Brown owner, but he doesn’t have any other RB or WR that I would trade for, giving up on Gurley. That is why I decided to ask him for Malcom Brown instead. I would trady Gurley and Alshon Jeffrey for Jacobs and Juju, but I doubt that the other team would agree to that trade.

I got you. Look for a team that’s desperate for a running back maybe? Be careful, some people in your league may be playing zero rb and won’t be interested at all. But if it were me, DJ is a very high value. I would try to trade Gurley for maybe a safer lower value player. But keep Henderson in case. It’s a tough one. I didn’t draft Gurley for this reason lol good news is that he will play because they paid him. Just if and when he goes out.

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I drafted him late in the second round, so I still think it was a good risk, but now I have a bench spot for a guy that may have an impact if he goes down. But Penny would have a bigger role in his team if Carson goes down. :confused:

I would pick up Penny then. Carson is a true workhorse. I’m in a situation where I drafted zero rb strategy. I love it. But I have so much value at WR that I want to take the risk and trade for a David Johnson or Mixon. So I guess it’s kinda biased for me to talk about running backs? Lol I just hate drafting early and have higher risk of injury. But yeah Penny wouldn’t be bad. If you do decide to keep Gurley, it’s not a bad bet and it’s not a bad idea if you want to get rid of him.

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Grab Penny. Henderson will have value, but not nearly as much as Brown will have in an elite offense where he is the trusted backup. Carson has an injury history as well and Penny will slide into that role immediately if he goes down.

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