Drop One Keep One - Ravens D or Butker?

I know… I know… Defense and Kicker.

I have a bye-pocalypse I can keep either of the two for week 11 but the other I would need to replace.

Drop Butker and pick up Gano, Lambo, McManus
Drop Ravens D/ST and pick up Giants D or Patriots D

Whose better ROS? Looking forward to playoffs.


Find it easier streaming defences than kickers and butler has been solid. So if drop ravens. Remember there will be another defence of someone picks them up

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This is tough because I myself am trying to acquire the ravens D for those juicy week 15,16 match ups. If your waivers are that dry, I would probably prefer to keep the ravens D, as annoying as it is to drop butker. You really can’t beat the ravens matchups come playoff time.

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Looking at the league many of the 12 teams already have two DSTs. More Kickers on the WW. I am also 8-1 so I am playing for those week 15 & 16. So, I may stick with the Ravens… Who knows!