Drop one! Need a TE

Drop one! 10 team PPR
I need to drop someone to pick up a tight end for this week with T. Kelce on a bye.

I’m thinking one of…
J. Jeudy
E. Mitchell

My team for reference
QB Justin Herbert
WR Keenan Allen, Deonte Johnson, Brandon cooks, Jerry Jeudy, OBJ, Claypool
RB Swift, Montgomery, Henderson, Gordon, Mitchell, Kamara

Obj would be my choice.


I agree with @dillon9892.

OBJ is THE definition of name recognition in fantasy that people hold onto him for some reason, despite the mounting evidence that he is not fantasy relevant anymore.

Anthony Firkser (38.80 pts) has more fantasy points this year (depending on scoring format, of course) than OBJ (35.90 pts) and no one rosters Firsker unless a deep league. Just saying.