Drop option

Trying to add Tyler Boyd and TJ Yeldon in a .5 PPR league. Better drop for each?

For Boyd - Fitzgerald or Will Fuller?
For Yeldon - Chris Thompson?


This is tough because I would like to have Boyd & Yeldon rostered, but I wouldn’t drop any of the guys mentioned. I’d hold onto Fuller for sure, maybe there’s a world where I’d drop Fitz for Boyd but that even feels weird. Same with Yeldon, I’d roster him with Fournette hurt, but I’m not dropping Thompson to do it. I would say to hang tight or try to work out a 2-1 trade.

Fitz feels real weird to even consider as a drop. Fuller has that nagging hamstring. I do like Thompson as well. I thought about maybe grabbing one of either Boyd or Yeldon and dropping Fuller because of that injury, but it doesn’t feel right to drop him either.

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Exactly, I get the urge to drop Fuller for someone who’ll start for you this coming week. But I think you can get value for him right now even with the injury. When he plays, he scores. Maybe try the Watson owner?

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