Drop or Hold Golden Tate?

Would you hold Tate or drop him for Curtis Samuel, Gallup, or A. Tate?

Gallup is intriguing to me. Needs to get fully healthy.

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Would you drop Tate for him? @Sawtooth22

Prob not. Want to see what Tate does in the slot where jones likes to throw.

I picked up Tate every where I could.


Would you trade Fournette to upgrade my WRs my other RBs are Chubb McCoy Samuels Hunt and David Johnson
WRs are Hopkins Gordon McLaurin Tate and Alshon @Sawtooth22

It would leave you thinner at RB. I like having three hammer Rbs in case of injury. McCoy isn’t a bad 3rd back if you do this.

I like your WRs, I guess you don’t have a clear cut number 2 every week.

If your gonna spend Fournette, I would want to get a solid WR 2 that’s essentially an auto start type player. It’s a tough call. I think you are pretty solid.

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I’m gonna look for teams that are thin at RB and see if they have any solid WRs that they can give up @Sawtooth22

With Barkley out his RBs look really weak in my opinion of all WRs I like Fitz just cuz I think it would take a lot to get Evans @Sawtooth22

Bumping for more advice