Drop or stash Coleman?

Should I drop Coleman in a full PPR dynasty? He’s kinda clogging my roster

If there’s a waiver worth picking up I would. Depends on who your running backs are

I have Sanders, Robinson, and Dobbins. Also have Bernard and Hyde for what it’s worth.

Coleman isn’t coming back before week 7. I wouldn’t let that much time pass personally for a ceiling low RB2, high RB3. Atlanta isn’t lacking depth for that position. I can see a scenario where McKinnon is competitive with Mostert out making him the proverbial Robin to Mostert’s Batman when he comes back from injury (which will be before Coleman). I’d ditch em’!
Good luck!

In dynasty I’d probably hold. Always the hope albeit slim he ends up in a situation he has a better role to walk into. Depends what is on waivers and if you have someone worse you can drop though.