Drop Peyton Barber to pick up Joshua Kelly. Smart move?

Just joined the footclan! Haven’t played fantasy in a while, so super happy to find this squad

My question: Should I drop Peyton Barber for Joshua Kelly (FA) in a 1/2 PPR league? Other backs I have are CMC, Conner and Hines.

If someone picks him up quickly, should it sting?

It probably won’t sting too bad because he’s still behind Eckler, but i think for the rest of the season i would take him over Barber. Now Barber will get goal line carries, so he always has TD potential, but who knows how often Washington will be in that situation because they simply aren’t a good team. I don’t want anyone from Washington not named Mclaurin personally, so i’d totally want to take Kelly over Barber as things stand right now.