Drop Pollard for... (Pics included)

Trying to figure out the best piece to pick up for my roster:
image image

Available waiver picks:

Thanks for any help!

Jackson for sure, can never have too many RBs

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He definitely caught my eye, but is it worth stacking w Ekeler?

I think that’d be fine, otherwise Hill or Mattison have potential upside as stashes. You’re stacked at RB anyways. I’d first try to throw Pollard to Zeke owner to see if he’ll trade anything, though I doubt it but can’t hurt to try.

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My old league never talked or traded. Any suggestions with the Zeke owner’s roster?

Is Pollard and Mixon for Keenan even reasonable?

See if you can get Barber, I don’t like TB RBs but still a starter. Zeke owner probably won’t do it though. I’d go for those waiver options like I said.

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jackson, waller, ballage and maybe AP. Get rid of pollard

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